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Black's Academy of Excellence

Explore, Learn, and Grow with our Youth Programs


Our Mission

To provide educational, social, programs and services to at-risk youth as well as adults that will foster the development of future leaders within the community.

Our Vision

Service to humanity promotes brotherhood, sisterhood, and stronger community. Scholarships and education are essential tools to academic, social, and physical achievements. All youth and their families are resourceful, competent and can solve their difficulties with given support. youth and adults have the urge to succeed, to explore the world around them, to learn new things, to have friends, to be taken seriously, and to make themselves useful. Our foremost task is to prepare youth and adults to live successfully and productively in the community and in society.   


Outdoor Education

Learning does not just happen indoors.

Programs that focus on outdoor activities such as fishing, horticulture, and beekeeping.

Culinary Arts Training

Teamwork, creativity, and healthy eating.

Programs that teach cooking, an important life skill, and other culinary skills.

Academic Support

We build leaders. We strive for excellence.

Programs that offer academic support and scholarship opportunities.

Social Development

Develop interpersonal and leadership skills

Programs that include mentoring, leadership skills, and community.

Thank you to our sponsors, donors, volunteers, and community.

We're grateful for your support and dedication to our mission, which has shown the power of community to create brighter futures for youth. Join us in this important work to provide safety, enrichment, and opportunities for young people to thrive and build a stronger, more vibrant community for all.


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