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About Us

Our Goals

Welcome to Black's Academy of Excellence, a nonprofit organization dedicated to introducing at-risk young adults to a variety of fields through holistic programming. Our programs include sustainable agriculture, creative activities, introduction to hospitality, horticulture, and first aid/CPR and child development. We believe in providing hands-on training and educational classes to help young adults ages 13-21 become self-sufficient, employable, and/or entrepreneurs. Our goal is to continue to work closely with young adults to obtain information and best practices, enhancing the success of our organization and the young people we serve. Join us in our mission to empower the next generation of leaders!

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Our Team

In Loving Memory


MaryAnn was a beloved and exceptional teacher for 25 years in Chicago's near West side. She had a remarkable ability to connect with students and bring out the best in them. One particular student who had a troubled past turned around and became a model student under her guidance. MaryAnn's dedication to teaching was not tied to any union, but to her passion for helping children succeed. She would have been thrilled to see her legacy live on through The Black's Academy of Excellence and the positive impact it will have on young people.

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